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Two Postdoctoral Openings in Cancer Computational Biology (June 2018)

The Chuang Lab at JAX-GM is seeking two postdoctoral scientists to join our projects in cancer genomics and evolution. These projects involve the study of tumor molecular biology and evolution through analysis of sequencing and imaging data. New team members will have unique opportunities to investigate mechanisms of cancer, to design new studies, and to develop novel artificial intelligence approaches to mine these data. For more information see:

Chuang Lab Awarded R01 for Studying Tumor Heterogeneity (June 2018)

The lab is honored to have been awarded an R01 grant from the NCI to study tumor heterogeneity and develop evolution-based cancer treatment strategies together with the labs of JAX colleagues Edison Liu, Olga Anczukow-Camarda, and Paul Robson.

Chuang Lab Awarded U24 for Data Coordination Center for NCI PDXNet (October 2017)

Together with Seven Bridges Genomics, we have been awarded a National Cancer Institute grant to coordinate data sharing and analysis for the PDXNet. We are working with esteemed collaborators at institutes including MD Anderson, the Huntsman Institute at the University of Utah, Baylor College of Medicine, the Wistar Institute, and Washington University. For this project we will be analyzing hundreds of new and existing PDX samples toward the goal of developing a clinical trial based on patient-derived xenografts. [1]

Work on cancer evolution is published in Nature Genetics

Our project led by Dr. Javad Noorbakhsh quantifying the ability of TCGA data to reveal evolutionary dynamics has been published.

Chuang Lab Profile (June 2016)

We have had the honor of being profiled for episode 1 of JAX's Supplemental Material, an informal podcast series explaining research at JAX.

Also, the joint work of our lab with the Graveley lab at U. Conn has been featured in The Search.

Our work in Big Data Genomics has also been recently profiled here

Chuang Lab Awarded NCI Supplement for Cloud Computing (February 2016)

Our lab, in collaboration with Seven Bridges Genomics, has been awarded a National Cancer Institute supplementary grant to investigate tumor heterogeneity using TCGA data on the Amazon cloud. We presented this work in the NCI Cloud Pilots session at AACR in April 2016.

Big Genomic Data Skills Training for Professors (September 2015)

Prof. Reinhard Laubenbacher (JAX/UCHC), Dr. Charlie Wray (JAX), and Prof. Chuang are leading a course in summer 2016 to provide training in big data genomics to professors from smaller colleges and regional universities. A description of the course is here. The next iteration will be given in Bar Harbor, ME in summer 2017.

Chuang Lab Awarded NIH R21 (July 1, 2015)

Our lab, in collaboration with Profs. Kyuson Yun and Craig Nelson, has been awarded a new R21 grant from the Dissection of Tumor Evolution Using Patient-Derived Xenografts!

Work on ribosomal stalling and neurodegeneration is published in Science (July 25, 2014)

Our collaboration with Prof. Sue Ackerman, with the informatics work led by Ivan Dotu, has been published in Science.

Chuang Lab Awarded NIH R21 (January 27, 2014)

Our lab, in collaboration with Prof. Brenton Graveley and Research Assistant Professor Dr. Ivan Dotu, has been awarded a new R21 grant from the NIH!