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My scientific career has explored the intersections of mathematical modeling, molecular biology, and computational data science. I received my BA in Chemistry and Physics from Harvard in 1996, followed by a Ph.D. in theoretical physics at MIT in 2001, where I studied protein folding, DNA biophysics, and the statistical mechanics of polymer gels with Toyoichi Tanaka, Alexander Grosberg, and Mehran Kardar. I changed fields to computational biology during my postdoc at UC San Francisco with Prof. Hao Li in the Biochemistry and Biophysics Department. There I trained in the molecular evolution of genomes and gene regulatory processes. From 2005-2012 I was an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Boston College. I joined the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine as an Associate Professor in Fall 2012, and I also hold a joint appointment in the UCONN-Health Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences. My current research interests are in cancer genomics, intratumoral evolution, deep learning approaches for image analysis, and RNA-level gene regulation. I also have longtime interests in science communication and education, developed originally out my work as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow. My lab's research has been supported extensively by organizations including the National Institutes of Health (NCI, NHGRI, NINDS), the National Science Foundation, the Hope Foundation, and the PhRMA Foundation.