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Research Scientists

  • Ivan Dotu
  • Javad Noorbakhsh
  • Hyunsoo Kim
  • Ziming Zhao


  • Emma Ricart Altimiras (research assistant). Currently a graduate student at ETH.
  • Krzysztof Grzeda

Graduate Students

  • Scott Adamson
  • Victor Wang
  • Recent rotation students: Bandita Adhikari, Laura Urbanski


  • Beryl Royer-Bertrand (visiting masters student). Currently a graduate student at the University of Lausanne.
  • Cyril Fournier
  • Deborah Ritter. Currently a postdoctoral fellow at Baylor College of Medicine.
  • Lu Zhang. Currently working at Seven Bridges Genomics.
  • Ningtao Shi. Currently working as a software technology consultant.


  • Sherry Zhang (U. Conn.)


  • Smrithi Raman (high school student)
  • Benjamin Coleman, currently an undergraduate at Dartmouth.
  • Alex Iyabor, currently an undergraduate at Stanford.
  • Kathryn Rankin
  • Jared Graveley
  • Meredith Shea
  • David Gostine
  • Robert Bell. Subsequent position: PhD student at UCSF.
  • Aleah Fox. Subsequent position: PhD student at UCSF.
  • Sean Moon
  • Daniel Lees
  • Toan Phan
  • Alicia Korpi
  • Jeffrey Wang (high school student)

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Ada Zhan (joint with Yijun Ruan)
  • Minji Kim (joint with Yijun Ruan)


  • Kourosh Zarringhalam. Currently a professor in the math department at UMass-Boston.
  • Norberto Diaz-Diaz (Visiting Scientist). Currently a professor at Universidad de Pablo de Olavide.
  • Hideo Imamura is now at Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
  • Jason Persampieri (Programmer) is a software engineer in industry.
  • Zehua Chen, currently a staff scientist at The Broad Institute
  • Jessica Lehoczky (Visiting Scientist), currently a postdoc at Harvard Medical School
  • Houman Younessi (Visiting professor)

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